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43: Hoard MBs, Not Stuff & Old Gen Reminiscing on the Next Gen
Episode 431st May 2024 • Gadgets for Families • Mt. Nebo Consulting, LLC
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Can you avoid the massive clean up and downsizing each time you move? This week we talk about a few ways you can avoid the massive build up of junk that just seems to happen over time. Plus some catch up on CarPlay, realtime collaborative playlists and the Vision Pro.

In the bonus segment, let’s talk favorite Star Trek TNG episodes.

Key Topics and TimeStamps

  • Welcome 00:00
  • CarPlay and Collaborative Playlists 08:10
  • Vision Pro 18:18
  • Clutter 28:59
  • Wrap Up 01:06:06
  • Star Trek 01:06:54

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