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Lessons & Layers of Sensitivity with April Snow 
HSP Series part 4
Episode 8115th August 2018 • Practice of Being Seen • Rebecca Wong
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There is something for all of us to take away and learn from this conversation. Every single one of us gets to pause and learn who we are in relationships with ourselves and who we are and how we show up in relationships with others and we also have to pause and learn our partners and loved ones. 


April Snow is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in downtown San Francisco. She believes thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) a matter of knowing yourself and making adjustments to care for your unique temperament. If you’ve been listening for some time, you may recall April joined us to open our Highly Sensitive Series back on episode 57. She’s returned to dive even deeper and answer listener questions and curiosities around the Highly Sensitive Trait. 


We’re talking about the ways the highly sensitive trait and trauma, especially in a dysregulated state, can overlay. We dive deeply into discussion around the development of one’s inner voice. We ask big questions like: “where do you shine?” and “what parts of yourself do you sacrifice in service of others?”



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