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LIVE from Greenbuild 2023 with Nakamoto Forestry
Bonus Episode3rd January 2024 • Detailed: An original podcast by ARCAT • ARCAT // Gābl Media
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In this bonus episode, we share a LIVE conversation from the 2023 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Washington D.C.

Cherise is joined by Chanda Littlefield and Chris Motto from Nakamoto Forestry, both passionate about sustainable practices in forestry and carpentry. Nakamoto's focus on sustainable forest management in Japan, with an emphasis on thinning rather than clear-cutting, is highlighted. Chanda and Chris discuss Nakamoto's commitment to creating healthier buildings through non-toxic finishes, particularly in their use of the Shou Sugi Ban, or Yakisugi process. The Yakisugi method not only enhances wood durability but also makes it resistant to insects, termites, and extends its lifespan to approximately 100 years. The conversation sheds light on Nakamoto's comprehensive approach to sustainability in the forestry industry.

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