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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 5, 19th March 2021
Integrative Health Care Pioneer Carolyn Torkelson MD, MS.
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Integrative Health Care Pioneer Carolyn Torkelson MD, MS.

Christa Rymal of The Point interviews women's health specialist and integrative primary care physician, Carolyn Torkelson MD, MS. 

With a background that has moved Carolyn from nurse, to MD, to leader and pioneer, and now to author and educator; Carolyn is a trusted resource to peer physicians and females especially. Carolyn talks today with Christa about bridging the gap between non-conventional medicine and conventional medicine to discover an optimal whole-systems approach to wellness: A kind of balanced health that without guidance can be hard to find, yet incredibly important if we as females wish to find fulfillment, satisfaction, and quality of life.

Operating as a friend, colleague, trusted advisor, and near-encyclopedia, Dr. Carolyn is a practitioner and professor of OB/GYN and Women's Health. Dr. Carolyn also directs integrative services at The University of Minnesota's Women's Health Specialists and co-chairs the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group. 

In both today's episode and in many previous articles written by Dr. Carolyn, she covers female hormones, sexual wellbeing, nutrition for women and advocating for self.  She emphasizes the value of understanding your own health, gaining a wide range of knowledge about your options for well-being, and using that as a directive - advocating for yourself boldly as you build or rebuild a healthier life. 

We are grateful to have Dr. Carolyn with us to normalize many aspects of women's health that most females are hesitant to address- moving topics (such as sexual health) out of a taboo bucket and into one of necessity. In this episode you will hear of Carolyn's own personal and professional experiences in women's health, the impact her clinical research and patient practice has had on her road to being a forerunner in the specialty, and why beginning to prioritize female health has already made positive and impactful changes in our communities and can do the same for you in your personal life.  

Tune in to find out how you, at this stage in your journey, can find a whole-systems approach to wellness!


Access information around the work Dr. Carolyn Torkelson is doing around women's health in all ages and stages:


Join Dr. Carolyn Torkelson as she leads and facilitates learning, advocacy and growth at The Point. She will educate for the two of the following retreats in 2021:

- May Women's Retreat:


- September CME Retreat: