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55. What It's Really Like Running A Business With My Husband
Episode 5514th February 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Happy Valentines day friends! Seriously, how fun that we're doing this podcast on the holiday of love. It seems fitting to peel back the curtain and let you hear what it's really like running a business with my husband! I actually didn't think I would be doing this. We definitely didn't plan it! Before photography became our sole income, it was a hobby. Like many of you I just loved shooting, but today you'll get to hear how we got to this place (you know, what it's really like running a business with my husband)!

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Eggs in ONE basket

Daniel and I have always had separate jobs. Our last season we were both on staff at a church, but in different departments. I did photography on the side and loved what I was able to do. When we transitioned to photography full time we realized rather quickly that we were putting "all our eggs in this one basket"... yikes! If this failed we would feel it! The pressure for this to be successful mattered so much more because our entire income depended on it.

Now, it wasn't just us going out on a whim. We truly felt that God was leading us in this direction. So what do you do when you make all these plans for your future and it seems like God just comes in and interrupts? Well, for us we knew we had to be obedient! We went all in! While I am the face you all see. Daniel is the incredible man behind production. Basically all that you see and hear has his fingerprints on it. It's amazing how the very thing that scares you can be the biggest blessing in the long run!


When you work for yourself you have this beautiful freedom to create your own schedule. We're able to travel and take time off. Our family has become our priority! Obviously, if we want this business to be successful it still requires effort, time and work. But, together we get to make it what we want. The structure for our lives has come from us, which is incredible! Something funny we discovered was the freedom in work hours. I am an early riser and enjoy getting my work done right away in the morning. My best work is done usually from 8am to about noon. Well, Daniel likes to have slow mornings and let everything really wake up blissfully. Right when I'm getting ready to crash is when he is getting started with a wide awake focus!

No, it's not perfect

Here's the thing, my husband and I are different as I'm sure many of you and your spouses are. I am very much the visionary and it's not uncommon for me to be thinking of new ideas to implement. I often process externally. Whereas Daniel, who is incredibly hard working and focused on excellence, didn't always get excited to brainstorm these new ideas. I had to learn to turn the business brain off. I needed to take the business hat off and put the wife hat on. There needs to be balance working together from home. When we can establish those "hats" it allows us to work effectively and efficiently. We can ask for deadlines and get things done, but also enjoy one another as husband and wife. This is what it's really like running a business with my husband. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but there are those challenges you have to navigate through.

  Honestly, one of these days I'll have him join me, but for now he's chipping away at making this all look and sound good for you!

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