A Very Great Trembling
Episode 115th April 2021 • The Heritage Channel Podcast • The Heritage Channel
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This podcast is adapted from chapter five of the book “Knowing God by Name” by Blair Adams, and is read by the author. 

Brother Blair is the founding minister of Heritage ministries and the Homestead Heritage communities. He has devoted his entire life to explaining and proclaiming the liberating word of God— in countless spoken messages and in scores of published books. 

In this message, “A Very Great Trembling,” we will see that although Isaac is the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham, God asks Abraham if he is willing to sacrifice this promise back to God. Has the promise replaced the Promise Giver as Abraham’s god? This willingness to sacrifice the very fulfillment of God’s promise requires unshakable trust in the One who gave the promise. God requires this same trust of all those who would follow in the steps and faith of Abraham.