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38. The Regenerative Role of Local Fibersheds with Rebecca Burgess
Episode 3816th April 2021 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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On this special live episode of The Good Dirt, Mary and Emma talk with Rebecca Burgess, the founder of Fibershed, a non profit organization that develops regional fiber systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere. Fibershed envisions the emergence of regional textile communities that facilitate soil-to-soil textile processes, and create opportunities for localized clothing production and supply. Rebecca speaks about the origins of the organization and its efforts in connecting wearers in numerous regions with local fields where the clothes are grown, working to build viable systems that can be sustained for generations to come.

1:40 - Next week is Fashion Revolution Week

Let’s get into the interview!

6:13 - Rebecca shares her biggest influences

11:35 - The moment that started Fibershed

16:35 - What is Fibershed?

22:50 - Hemp in the fashion industry

30:00 - What’s to come of Fibershed?

40:00 - What does the Good Dirt mean to you?

41:00 - Seniors and the working community

44:00 - What makes for a healthy fibershed?

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