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E261 - Increase conversions with a relaxed approach to pitching your offer | with Jim Padilla
Episode 26126th August 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Jim Padilla, CEO of Gain The Edge, specializes in helping companies that want to increase their sales. With over 20 years of experience, Jim is a launch expert that knows how to scale a business by driving sales forward. Jim’s one big tip is to treat your sales pitch like a relaxed conversation at the beach with a friend. Follow along as Jim shares strategies on different ways to increase conversions, increase your profits, and scale your business through sales teams and a soft-sell approach.

What started as a survival strategy for a young boy turned into a million-dollar niche business. With a rough childhood, Jim survived by learning how to read people and how to influence them. With his first endeavor into sales, his company was a huge success that created a stir in the industry. Today, Gain the Edge is one of the most successful experts in their industry. They deliver over a quarter billion dollars worth of sales and manage hundreds of annual events with over 25,000 yearly conversions. 

A lucrative business starts with a solid sales strategy and a team that can implement that strategy. The way to build a successful sales team is to have everyone be on board the same ship. Every person you hire should understand the values of your brand so they can create a cohesive message, from idea to end sale. Another essential factor in creating a solid sales team is the ability to close the deal. Every company has a lead generation system or process in place. Yet not every business has a closer to seal the deal and make the sale. Jim’s team comes in at that step and helps you polish up the offer, package it, and make it more captivating for your target audience. This way, you close more deals and make more sales. 

Once you have a clear idea of your avatar and you can pinpoint the solution to their problem, sales are easy. It’s when you are trying to sell someone on an idea when they’re not sure they have a problem or don’t feel you have a solution that makes closing a sale difficult. That is where most companies get stuck. They don’t have a clear directive or connection between pain point and solution.

Jim encourages businesses to:

  • Focus on the outcome and experience they can offer their clients and customers.
  • Create a sales process and strategy around the client experience.
  • Understand the value your company or brand brings to the situation.

For instance, if your target consumer has a specific problem, you want to build your entire sales directive around that solution. All strategies should stem from that point so that your strategy is cohesive. It helps to put all the goals and objectives down on one piece of paper to see your benchmarks and expectations. Everyone on the team should have that list in front of them so that every action they take is in furtherance of those expectations. Think of the sales process as an orchestra. If you want the orchestra to play synchronously, every musician needs to have the same music notes in front of them. 

Keeping an eye on all the system's moving parts is essential. You need to build a pipeline for your sales. That’s where all the money is. You need to know the platforms you will be using for your sales. Everything becomes a metric that should have the ability to change as needed. The best sales teams are consistently reducing client acquisition costs. One strategy that Jim feels is a no-fail strategy is systematizing. When you build a system, you can measure your success. To increase revenue and reach the mountaintop, you want clients that come back to you 12 and 18 months later. This also reduces client acquisition costs, which is essential due to the state of the world economy. You only want to see client acquisition costs rise when your lifetime value increases. The higher acquisition costs are, the lower your profit margin, regardless of sal

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