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Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast - Roger Edwards interviews great people from Marketing and the world of Finance EPISODE 206, 11th April 2019
Tom Marriot: A punk's guide to busting digital marketing myths - MAF206
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Tom Marriot: A punk's guide to busting digital marketing myths - MAF206

Tom Marriot: A punk's guide to busting digital marketing myths - MAF206

This week my guest is Tom Marriot, who describes himself as a digital marketing punk.

For many, digital marketing is a black art surrounded by jargon and mumbo jumbo. And perhaps some agencies like it that way.

I talk to Tom about busting the digital marketing myths and how we can make it easier for everyone.

Welcome to episode 206 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast..

We chat about:

  • Why DIY marketing is more accessible than ever
  • How some agencies are using underhand tactics
  • The ‘Punk’ approach to marketing
  • The importance of transparency
  • Why Tom educates his clients on how tools work
  • Why you should be selective with the platforms you’re using

Who is Tom Marriot?

Tom says he’s had a varied career, but he was always interested digital marketing and worked for several agencies. He’s a millennial, growing up as the internet developed and digital communications exploded.

He imagined a glittering world of technological advancements, but the reality was somewhat different. He believes that some agencies have given their clients the wrong idea about digital marketing and tarnished the industry.

His intention with Digital Marketing Punk is to show people that marketing isn’t as difficult as they think and to help them remove their fear. He’s worked with both big-name companies and start-ups, and says the smaller companies are his passion.

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