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Visualise You - Beth Hewitt EPISODE 25, 19th February 2021
Video, Networking and a Good Sense of Humour. Life After the Army with Gareth James
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Video, Networking and a Good Sense of Humour. Life After the Army with Gareth James

In episode #25, I'm joined by Gareth James of Clockwork Eye. An ex-Army Corporal tuned IT Manager and then Video Marketing and Production business owner. For the past decade. Gareth has pioneered video and digital marketing training, helping his clients better understand how video and digital marketing work.


We discuss how you can go from leaving the army to starting a business and why having a good sense of humour is a real asset as a business owner, and when working with your clients. Gareth shares openly a big lesson for life and business and why reaching out for help in your time of need is nothing to be ashamed of. And how Covid as ade it easier than ever to network with one another, sharing his new One Hour Networking Format gives more time to attendees to do business!


In this episode, we cover:

  • How you can retrain at any point in life
  • How life is a series of tick boxes to complete
  • How video content can increase someone's dwell' time to engage with you, your business, and your content.
  • The importance of subtitles on video content in a world of mindless scrolling
  • The power of using private videos to save time in your business and help teach you, customers and clients, quickly and efficiently.

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