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Future of Agriculture 080: Bootstrapping a Farm Management Software Company with Nick Horob of Harvest Profit
20th December 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Nick Horob is the founder of Harvest Profit, a company that provides a set of management tools focused on the business side of the farm. Their aim is to allow farmers make decisions based on objective analysis and data, preventing emotionally-driven choices which in turn gives them better, long-term returns. While Nick grew up in a family of farmers, his extensive experience in risk management, real estate investment, and business best practices motivated him to start Harvest Profit so he could help farmers not just increase their yield, but to let them know where to invest and where to cut their investments.


In this episode, Nick explains what Harvest Profit is all about. He discusses the many problems encountered by farmers when it comes to investments and how their services provide the answers to those issues. He also shares why his company stands out among the competition, their goals for 2018, and his thoughts on the future of AgTech.


  “Producing a crop is a combination of hundreds if not thousands of micro variables.”– Nick Horob



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: 


  • How does Harvest Profit improve a farmer's business?
  • What inspired him to start Harvest Profit?
  • Farmers attitudes towards new technologies and new software.
  • What makes Harvest Profit much more attractive to farmers than other competitors?
  • What it’s like to compete with bigger companies?


Connect with Nick Horob:



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