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The Times of Disinformation Are NY
Episode 210th January 2023 • Business Games • Business Games Ltd
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How I Lost Trust in the Western Mainstream Media and What to Do About It.

This is a "voice-over" of the first half of the NY Disinformation article available here: NY Times: Disinformation Central?

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I've done something different this time: instead of reading the script, I went through this article and did a "voice-over" of the first half (the NYT takedown + Summary) for the pod—the timestamps correspond to the parts where I go through these.

  • Intro
  • The Primary Purpose of This Takedown of NYT [03:14]
  • Part 1: The "Russian Disinformation" Campaign [06:00]
  • Part 2: 2014 v 2022 Narrative Change [24:48]
  • Donbass Defenders from 2014 and Bitterness Towards Kyiv Killing Donbass Civilians
  • The NYT Nazi Disappearance Act: "Dangerous Nationalists" From February, 2022 Become "Kremlin Propaganda" by July, 2022
  • NYT Guest Writers: From "My Family Members Hated the Neo-Nazis and the US-Backed Kiev Government" to "Euromaidan Uprising Demanding Partnership With the EU"
  • Part 3: Verifiable Lies as Exemplified by the "Systemic Rape as a Weapon" Hoax [41:09]
  • Part 4: NYT Nepotism and Hit Jobs [56:03]
  • Summary [1:00:05]



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