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7 Reasons Why You Should Create Episodic Content
Episode 1714th February 2021 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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How could an episodic content strategy benefit your business?

If you have a consistent, driven approach to creating content, then you’re likely seeing results build steadily over time – go you! But if you have no strategy at all, or if your approach is to create content when you’re inspired, then it’s a bit like throwing your content against the wall and hoping it sticks…

The three keys to a successful content strategy are: consistency, quality and distribution. Hit these three on the head and your content strategy will grow your business.

In this podcast episode I share why episodic content is the sweet spot between these three main pillars and what benefits it could bring to your business.

Find out:

  • What episodic is
  • Why episodic content wins over “random acts of content”
  • The 7 benefits of creating your content in an episodic form

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