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Slow and steady wins the race, with Jaci Russo, founder and CEO of BrandRUSSO
Episode 7110th November 2022 • Authentically Successful • Carol Schultz
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Meet Jaci Russo: a mother of four and the founder and CEO of BrandRUSSO, a strategic branding agency. Beyond that, she also wrote a book on branding and created courses for people to learn how to brand their companies independently. 

“To me, it’s just about saying yes. That seems like a good idea. Sure I’ll try that! That seems like an awesome opportunity, yes let’s do that!” Jaci tells Carol. 

It was moving from Louisiana to Los Angeles and working at a large, well-known agency that changed Jaci’s mindset and gave her the confidence to do anything, she says. She eventually left her job to work at a start-up and then formed her own agency. 

Jaci says many of her clients simply don’t understand their target audience, in turn losing the effect of their messaging, so she acts as a translator. BrandRusso stands out from its 74,000 competitors in the way they do business, including how Jaci charges for services. 

In this episode, Carol and Jaci discuss the benefits of writing a book and how it can help a business. Jaci also tells us the common marketing mistakes she sees companies make before coming to her.

You’ll also hear about the ten years of mistakes she’s made with hiring and how she moved past it and now prefers a “lean and mean” organizational structure. 

Learn more about Jaci Russo and BrandRUSSO.

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