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Lessons Learned Over the Last 100 Episodes
Episode 10017th August 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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CELEBRATION!! This is our 100th episode. We have been coaching and empowering men for 100 episodes and I thank you our listeners for being part of this movement. Our goal is to empower men to live their ultimate adventure by helping them find and live their full potential.

This episode is me sharing some lessons I've learned over the last 100 episodes. This is to help you see what a journey can often look like and hopefully it will encourage you to keep pressing on in your life.

Lessons Learned Over the Last 100 Episodes:

  • Ownership of a vision is a mixture of solid rock and a flowing river
  • Growth is time-consuming and expensive
  • The hardest part of growth is self-identification and self-improvement
  • Don't forget other people's journeys when viewing their success
  • It's not about me
  • Hard work is as much mental as anything else
  • My own ultimate adventure
  • Where we are going with The Confident Man

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