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Decoding Personal Power-Ups: Eric Siu on "Winning" in Business and Life
Episode 2527th July 2021 • Decoding Digital • AppDirect
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What is your personal power-up? Legendary growth marketer, Eric Siu, shares the most powerful habits anyone striving to “level up” should adopt in this episode. The author of Leveling Up: How To Master The Game of Life, and host of podcasts, Leveling Up and Marketing School, reveals how a game-like approach helped him navigate his career, including buying a company for just $2 and nurturing it into a multi-million dollar agency.

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Failure as Fuel

"It doesn't feel good when people tell you that you're a failure, right? But I've learned to kind of enjoy that. So I know whatever I'm getting from people, that's fuel, because long-term, it's gonna make me stronger." 

Being Persistent

"When I feel blocked, I'll try to brute force it. And I think it was Edison that said this, but it's not that someone is a genius, it's just that they stick with problems longer. Persistence is probably one of the biggest things. I think most people just end up giving up too easily… It's important to remember that all the great things that are built around you take time." 

The Importance of Culture 

"Everything starts from the top. I think people tend to emulate what the leader is doing. All the things I'd heard about culture in the past—which I used to think was a bunch of baloney - it all comes into play because culture, at the end of the day, is your operating system and it's how you do things. Your psychology ultimately cascades down to the entire team and they're going to behave like you."