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You Seem Interesting Ep 1: Rory Scovel
Episode 11st June 2020 • You Seem Interesting • Danny Rouhier
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How many people who get on stage to tell jokes end up with a show on Comedy Central, in movies with Will Farrell & Amy Schumer, a standup special on Netflix, and podcast on Conan O'Brien's network? Comedian Rory Scovel has and he joins Danny on Episode 1 of You Seem Interesting.

Danny breaks the genesis his and Rory's friendship, how crazy it is that all the guys we started with are all working in entertainment, and the small percentage of comics who take the stage and end up as successful as Rory has been.

Rory discusses comedy during the pandemic, starting out, never being comfortable, growth on stage, fear, and selling yourself and your vision to others.

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