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Learning to be Uncomfortable - with Mike McDermott, President of InquisIT
Episode 54th August 2020 • The NoVA Business Podcast • Jessica Du Bois & Derek Winn
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Our guest today is Mike McDermott, President of InquisIT, LLC.  In this episode, we’ll cover Mike’s trajectory, as he tells the story of where he’s been, where he is today, and where he wants to go. Some of the topics covered include:

-         How Mike got comfortable with being uncomfortable

-         The problem with replicating others, instead of being yourself

-         How to formalize your expectations with your employees, with the rules you decide to live by

-         The importance of helping your team understand what’s healthy, but also creating time for yourself

-         Why unrest in healthcare, society, and the economy will lead to change, and how InquisIT is preparing for these shifts

-         And more

Mike has had a really successful career in the federal space already, but shows no signs of slowing down. Some of his achievements include:

-         Helping to support Phacil to grow from 4 employees to over $150M in revenue, exiting as President of the company.

-         Serving as CEO of ATA, LLC, helping the company to achieve 20% growth and a GSA schedule.

-         Currently, he’s the President of InquisIT, where in his first 12 months he grew the business by nearly 40%.

He is strong in business development, negotiations, operations, and more. He’s also a former Marine, competitive body builder, and Executive Coach for Leadership Ignited.   

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