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What Do YOU Do? Podcast - The JAM Production Company EPISODE 10, 24th February 2020
Growing with Moin and becoming a better version of yourself
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Growing with Moin and becoming a better version of yourself

In this episode, Matt & Al are joined in by Moin Zafar, author, podcaster and all around good guy in phone interview to discuss Moin's book "Grow with your baby: 7 Lessons on how to embrace change. overcome your fears about losing your personal identity from an unplanned pregnancy"

Al connects with Moin and relates to his story about a surprise pregnancy while attending University and how he overcame the personal challenges of breaking the news to his parents, engaging with friends and facing his in-laws.

Moin shares with us some techniques he uses daily to get into the proper state of mind and to prepare himself for his parenting journey everyday.

The guys share personal experiences, offer ideas and solutions to would be young parents dealing with similar situations and have an all around great conversation tackling the topic of unplanned pregnancy.

You can reach Moin Zafar on Instagram @moinzr and you can listen to his podcast here on Captivate or wherever you listen to your favourite podcast.