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Episode 24: Humboldt's Finest
Episode 2418th September 2020 • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur • Matt Birchard
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Episode 24 features Humboldt's Finest, a hemp infused vodka from California. Distilled from organic sugar cane, it's bottled at 40% ABV, or 80 proof. Drinks a bit like a gin!

Enjoy this episode with some of Humboldt's Finest.

Humboldt's official website:

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 2010 - Abe Stevens attends a spirits conference, nurturing the idea of a distillery of his own
  • 2013 - Humbolt Distillery's first product goes on sale
  • 2017 - Humbolt's Finest wins a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • 2019 - 1,000 cases sold

Key Cocktails:

Humboldt's Finest is a great substitute for gin, but try it in these two featured cocktails.

Hemp Highball:

1.5 oz Humboldt’s Finest

1 oz jasmine simple syrup*

.5 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

Sliced cucumber

Seltzer water


Combine ingredients in a highball glass with ice, top with seltzer water, garnish with a slice of cucumber, and enjoy.

*To prepare jasmine simple syrup, create a strong tea using 3 jasmine green tea bags and 1 cup boiling water. Combine 1 part hot tea with 1 part sugar, mixing until dissolved.

Green Gardens:

1.75 oz Humboldt’s Finest

.25 oz Green Chartreuse

.75 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

.5 oz simple syrup

1/4 of a small yellow bell pepper

Fresh oregano (3 leaves plus 1 stem for garnish)

Add 1 heaping tbsp of chopped pepper to shaker, muddle well, add 3 slightly smashed (use fingers, to release oils) oregano leaves, Humboldt’s Finest, Green Chartreuse, lime and simple syrup. Add ice and shake vigorously, strain into a cocktail coupe. Garnish with oregano sprig and cut pepper wedge.


Thanks again to Abe Stevens, Founder of Humboldt Distillery for taking the time to speak with me for this episode, and sharing his stories with me.

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