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4·01 Okay, Sputnik ⠀ (Crichton Kicks: Part 2)
Episode 127th September 2022 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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"Farscape 4·01: Crichton Kicks: Part 2

Crichton's lonely but peaceful life aboard a dying Leviathan is violently interrupted by the arrival of a young woman and a group of ruthless scavengers after her.

  • “A new DRD function is revealed; they can sing. A gravity defying know-it-all introduces herself as a lethiathan 'expert' and we discover how long it takes to fall down and reach the bottom of the pilot's den.” (thanks GoingMetal799!)
  • “His name is John Crichton and his friends just got sucked down a wormhole, now he's stuck on living ship full of strange Yoda impersonating space vikings! Along with help of sputnik and the 1812 overture, John must save his home!” (thanks Marky See!)

“Interrupted by a toubray thief,

Friends reunited; what a relief!

A dying boat,A human goat,

"Grade A prime American beef."(thanks Ric from the Delta Quadrant!)

  • “Crichton goes full castaway and meets an odd looking cabbage patch kid who can walk on ceilings. He is forced to face off with weird Klingon knockoffs all while trying to plots a way back to his normal life. ” (thanks Melissa!)
  • “A pilot nods off to her favorite Soaps. An Astronut programs a friend to play the tchaikovsky 1812 overture while doodling. A new know it all gets in on the chaos. Can she answer the Five W's? Can she learn the ABC's. Let's the give the dogs a hand, don't worry it can be reattached. Look I can do the Exorcist's backwards crawl up the wall. Our favorite diminutive ruler has no qualms sicking the dogs on an astronut. Our favorite snurcher's vision has improved but doing it too often makes her blind. Could the Sun have a baby or is it all in the astronut's head?” (thanks Brian Ivanhoe!)
  • “Stranded astronaut with a better beard this time. Sputnik, Klingons and bad doggo o my, An overture is finally played and the abcs are sung, the greatest droid since R2D2 appears. Junk more junk and no muerta pilot, Leviathan sushi anyone? Sputnik finds out the hard way life experience beats book learning. Veins are too big to shift center of gravity so our favorite human plays goat from Jurassic parkSparky gets updated skin and Pip can slow time now I guess. On a side note: This is my favorite wacky/crazy john episode” (thanks DB!)
  • Sputnik crashes into John's leviathan, and old friends return as John must deal with pirates. Meanwhile, Harvey wears his cool button-down from season two as Crichton tries to figure out who's the daddy.” (thanks Billy Roberts!)
  • “Pardon me. Hello. Yes, yes I’m talking to you. Now I know your new here on this old leviathan, I’ve been here a while now, and if you want to be good neighbors please stop shooting at me! Oh what’s that? That’s a no on shooting. Ok. Well can you at let’s keep your hound out of my toubray garden, I just planted them and he…what…sorry…she keeps digging them up. If you can do that we might get along nicely. If not...let’s not say how bad it will get for you here.” (thanks Blackrain!)
  • “The return of the beard! Someone gets their own brewery before showing off his Klingon slang to a new redhead.” (thanks Lucy !)

First aired on Friday, 7 June 2002, written by David Kemper, and directed by Andrew Prowse

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