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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 149, 18th March 2020
Experience a Living Hope Amidst the Coronavirus

Experience a Living Hope Amidst the Coronavirus

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 149

The world is in a pandemic panic over the coronavirus, but how are we to respond as Christians?

Rather than living with fear, anxiety, and worry, a Christian is to face such a crisis with calm, peace, joy, and hope.

But how can we as believers experience hope amidst the coronavirus? The secret is in where we place our hope.

In this Deeper Christian episode, we look at the crisis of the coronavirus and how to have peace rather than panic, calm rather than chaos, and hope amidst a world fretting in fear.

Christians are to live unlike the world and this is a time in history when we can be known by our love and peace rather than our panic and avoidance.

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