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GYMNASTICS | Nastashia Buck
15th June 2020 • Hooked on Sport • Hooked on Sport
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CEO Nastashia Buck explains how the Gymnastics SA team worked with their member clubs throughout the shutdown and what their focus is now, as they return to sport. EPISODE SUMMARY 0:01 Introduction 0:20 Welcome to Episode 21 - Ben Hook 0:30 Return to Sport Webinar (3 June 2020) is available to view online 1:12 Promo: Craig Scott, President, Goodwood Saints Football Club 1:20 Interview: Nastashia Buck and Ben Hook 1:30 COVID shutdown and the impact on gymnastics 1:54 The challenge for the elite gymnastic athletes 3:19 Young and up and coming athletes 4:07 Return to Sport and the challenges for indoor sport 5:10 Gymnastics SA approach during the shutdown - club and member welfare 6:53 Health Message: John Mannion, Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation 7:24 Indoor sports and the managing the hygiene protocols 8:30 Gymnastics disciplines, including Gymnastics for All. 10:28 Impact of pandemic on individual gymnastic disciplines: KinderGym 10:52 Fundamental Movement Skills 12:13 Looking ahead for Gymnastics SA 13:42 Promo: Bruce McAvaney 13:49 Wrap and thanks




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