Partnering with Higher Education to Prepare Students for a Career in Cybersecurity
Episode 1113th November 2019 • The New CISO • Steve Moore
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Partnering with Higher Education to Prepare Students for a Career in Cybersecurity

Being associated with an advisory committee gives you a lot of freedom to really create the programs a future CISO needs to be hirable right out of school. The committee is able to see what classes need to be added to the curriculum, or if more classes aren’t plausible seminars are always an option. By being part of a larger advisory committee you can brainstorm with members from different industries and create an entire program from what you learn works in other industries.  


The Biggest Issues With Being Hired Right Out Of School 

Education is huge when it comes to being prepared for a job. Years of dedicated study and focus should not be taken lightly.  However, some aspects of the job that can’t be taught from a lesson plan, you just have to get out there in the industry. There are certifications that can be obtained after graduating, but real life experience is irreplaceable.  Internships, and job shadowing are great ways to get that experience while still completing your education.  


Advice To A Young CISO 

Don’t be afraid to take risks, get out there and align yourself with the right people. Go get that certification, ask to be mentored by someone you admire, learn from those who are ready to help. Don’t live too cautiously with your career, you can always build yourself back up.  


Finding A Mentor Or Mentee 

There are many ways to find a mentor in the age of technology. There may be someone within your company that can mentor you, but don’t limit yourself to that. Linkedin is a great resource for finding a mentor. You can also look at other companies with in your industry. On finding a mentee, just be open to teaching someone what you know about the industry, they may end up being an employee of your company in the future.  


The Importance Of Presenting Your Knowledge 

Being able to get up there and show your knowledge within the industry is so important. When you get to show what all you’ve been working for and get feedback from your peers on the subject, you really put yourself out there in a unique way. It can be very gratifying to share your knowledge and experience with others, whether you are speaking about problems or solutions.  


Redundancy Within The Industry  

There are many point solutions that don’t let us get to the root of the problem quickly. For a solution product to be effective there needs to be better communication between the product producers and the CISO so the products will remain relevant within the industry. If there are too many programs trying to get the same result, you know you have an efficiency problem and it’s time re-evaluate.  


Discovering The Big Picture  

Having a real and candid conversation about what you need to do your job effectively is very helpful. For a product to work effectively the producers need to know who is using it and why. Invest in products that have teams who are willing to learn about your specific pain points and needs as a CISO.  There needs to be more consultation between the CISO and VAR.  


What Being A New CISO Means To Marc 

It has evolved so much over the years; the CISO has a bigger responsibility than ever before. There are so many ways the CISO is being pulled in their modern environment that a serious hands-on approach is necessary. Understanding business, your peers, and technical enough to understand the scope of the entire company are key elements in being a modern CISO.  



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