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135. Why Traditional ROI Doesn't Work for School Leaders
Episode 13519th June 2023 • Schools Of Excellence Podcast • Chanie Wilschanski
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Let me ask you a couple of questions:

When you're looking at making a big-ticket purchase to update the infrastructure of your school, how long does it take you to pull out the credit card?

What about when you're looking at investing in the professional development of your leadership team?

I'm willing to bet there's a pretty large discrepancy between your first answer and your second, and it's worth asking yourself why.

When you look at everything through a financial lens, it's much easier to measure the ROI of a new carpet in the toddler classroom than leadership training for your education director. 

But here's the thing: Humans aren't cash registers.

They have feelings, families, and goals—things that don't cleanly factor into mathematical calculations. And that means that "profitability" in the traditional sense isn't an adequate way of measuring ROI when it comes to your team.

In this week's podcast episode, I'm exploring the shortcomings of traditional ROI in education and leadership development and how school leaders need to change their perspective for the benefit of their teams and centers.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • Why traditional ROI doesn’t work in the education field
  • Rethinking ROI in a way that doesn’t solely encompass financials
  • How to make more aligned ROI decisions

Once you stop using traditional measures of ROI to make every decision, you can start investing more in your team, which will not only help with retention but also the overall success of your center.

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