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116 | nurturing growth through relationships: an introduction to RDI with Dr. Sarah Wayland
29th May 2024 • EVOLVE with Dr. Tay: the podcast for parents of autistic kids • Dr. Taylor Day
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Dr. Tay and Dr. Sarah Wayland discuss:

  1. her journey and insights into using relationship-based dynamic intelligence (RDI) to enhance family bonds and your autistic child's growth
  2. the role of co-regulation and autonomy in parenting your autistic child
  3. practical advice for parents on integrating RDI principles into daily life


⚡️ connect with Sarah Wayland, Ph.D., parent coach + founder of Guiding Exceptional Parents on her website and on Facebook and LinkedIn

⚡️ learn more about Relationship-based Dynamic Intelligence (RDI™) and working with Dr. Wayland

⚡️ purchase her book along with Dr. Donna Henderson and Jamell White "Is This Autism? A Guide for Clinicians and Everyone Else"

⚡️ reference another great resource from Dr. Wayland: Behavior Revolution

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*please note: in this episode, many terminologies and phrases are used to describe autism. Dr. Tay honors what each child and family prefers, and intentionally chooses to use affirming and identity-first language after listening to autistic adults and their preferences. various guests on the podcast are likely to use the language that they have been exposed to the most.




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