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No. 005 What Does It Mean to Be a Showrunner?
29th April 2015 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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So … what exactly is a “showrunner” anyway? And what does it take to be a successful one? Jerod and Jon define the term, and explain what separates successful Showrunners from all the rest.

In this episode, Jerod and Jon discuss:

  • What essential lesson about building an audience can we learn from the very first scene of House of Cards?
  • Why aspiring Showrunners should think of themselves as producers, in the classic media sense of the term
  • How being a Showrunner is essentially ownership of an audience experience whether it s a TV show, a podcast, or even a live event
  • What is a Showrunner’s responsibility? (And why would someone want it?)
  • The importance of long-term thinking to showrunning success
  • How Jon made the transition from do-it-all podcaster to true Showrunner
  • The importance of community when growing a show (especially for new Showrunners)
  • What does it take to be a successful Showrunner?
  • How the profitability of a podcast is about much more than money
  • How to overcome The Dip (in more ways than one )
  • Listener question: Did our listener shoot himself in the foot by not having a keyword in his show title?

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