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40. Reclaiming Your Identity on Your Healing Journey | with Samantha Kellgren
Episode 4013th July 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Samantha Kellgren is a mind-body fertility coach helping women take control of their fertility through the mind-body connection so that they can uplevel their life. After being diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea, she found out that it is possible to be too fit to get pregnant, ended up undergoing IVF to have her son, and made drastic changes to her unhealthy relationship with exercise and eating. 

Now she helps coach women through the massive mindset shifts it takes to stop over-exercising and under-eating so that they can regain their cycles without going crazy. We talk about what hypothalamic amenorrhea is, why there’s such a stigma around women wanting to gain weight, why you need to learn how to release control, and how you can learn to re-identify who you are aside from fitness or diet. This is an important conversation that more women need to hear.

We Chat About:

  • Having to switch up your identity to reclaim your health
  • How over-exercising and under-eating can have negative impacts on your health
  • Adjusting your mindset for a healthier lifestyle
  • Finding your healthy weight range
  • Choosing a sustainable lifestyle for yourself
  • Not worrying about others’ opinions
  • Not always being positive but finding the positive


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