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Ep. 35 - Brian Duke Song - Electric & Upright Bass!
Episode 3516th January 2024 • Gig Stories with Music People • Evan Mykl Chudnow
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Brian Duke Song - Electric & Upright Bass!


Brian Duke Song is a SoCal bassist who has a hard time saying no to almost any opportunity out there, which often leads to interesting stories, for better or worse. He plays electric and upright in all kinds of projects such as rapper Andre Nickatina, Kid Abstrakt, hip hop/jazz group Minted, Adult Karate, musicals with the Center Theatre Group, various wedding and corporate bands, and many other artists. He's been described as both a humble team player who plays for the song, as well having the ego of Mick Jagger.

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Evan Mykl Chudnow 



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