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Creating Content for Your Holistic Business
Episode 894th November 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Your website isn’t something you can set up and leave, it requires consistent attention if you want it to work properly for you. You can do this by adding content to it that helps your favourite client solve their problems and understand how you can help them.

The more helpful content you produce, the less likely you’ll have to sell your services. People will come to you knowing you can help them so it’s a great fit for a holistic business.

Your content also lets Google know what you do so when someone is searching for a solution, you’ll be more likely to show up in the results.

  • (03:10) Blogging
  • (04:20) Infographics
  • (05:42) Podcasting
  • (07:53) Video
  • (10:12) Get help with your content creation

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