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Episode 2328th April 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are so thrilled to introduce to you Shelli Spotts. She is our guest this week and next. Our conversation with her was so interesting to us and she shared so many helpful words we wanted to be able to share them all with you.

We are kicking off a short series on creativity, and Shelli is the perfect guest to get us started. Shellirae Spotts is an essayist, poet, and visiting English professor from Orem, Utah. Her creative work has been published in Inscape: a Journal of Literature and Art, Locutorium,, and elsewhere. She has worked as a columnist, a freelance journalist, and an editor. Her current project is called "Voices Heard and Unheard" stories collected at the United Nations Commission on the states of Women, which she attends as an advocacy writer. Her writing and teaching focus on how we craft our identities as we engage in living creative lives, how we build bridges with the communities around us, and how we tell our own stories as we connect public meaning with personal experience.

In the first part of our conversation Shelli discusses the importance of embracing the journey instead of only focusing on the destination. She walks us through vulnerability and how creativity, asking questions, and being ourselves in our relationships really depends and thrives in spaces we can safely be vulnerable. We discuss how life is messy, and the mess is beautiful. Sometimes the trickiest part of relationships is when other people's mess mixes with our mess. She shares so many words of wisdom, we are so incredibly honored to share this conversation with you.

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