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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 137, 7th October 2020
Adam Lazarus (Multiple NFL Book author)

Adam Lazarus (Multiple NFL Book author)

Adam Lazarus page on Sports History Network.

In this episode we cover Adam's books and many of the unique stories you may never heard before about Joe Gibbs, Steve Young, Joe Montana, and the list goes on.

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Adam Lazarus Bio

Note - this is from Adams' bio on his website.

Adam Lazarus is an author specializing in non-fiction books that feature great figures and characters.

His work has appeared in ESPN the Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bleacher Report, and USA Today.

Adam’s fourth book, about Joe Gibbs and the dynastic Washington Redskins of the 1980s and 1990s, comes out in September 2015. Hail to the Redskins features more than 90 interviews and over two dozen photographs. 

His third book, Best of Rivals, is about the famous quarterback controversy between Joe Montana and Steve Young. Super Bowl Monday, his second book, centers on Super Bowl XXV, one of the greatest games in NFL history, and its intersection with Operation Desert Storm. Chasing Greatness—his first book, about the unforgettable 1973 U.S. Open at Oakmont—was mentioned in Sports Illustrated. 

He received a bachelor’s degree in English from Kenyon College in 2004 and a master’s degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, specializing in journalism.

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