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Engineering School Taught Me How To Think [RR 928]
Episode 92816th February 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Recorded Live from MACS (Mobile Air Climate Systems Association) 2024 Training Event & Trade Show, shop owner and MACS board member Tim Iezzi discusses his family's legacy in the business and his passion for air conditioning and being a perpetual student. Tim also shares his experiences in working alongside other local shops, particularly when specialized services are required. This spirit of mutual support and knowledge exchange is what propels the industry forward, ensuring that we all benefit from shared wisdom. Tim Iezzi, MACS Board Member, Owner of Iezzi’s Auto Service, Reading, PA
Show Notes
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  • Engineering School Experience (00:03:24) Tim's experience in engineering school and its impact on his problem-solving skills in the automotive industry.
  • Specialties in the Shop (00:04:08) Tim's passion for air conditioning and electrical problems, and the significance of drivability work.
  • Industry Collaboration (00:08:10) The value of testing and the collaboration among industry professionals for the benefit of the automotive industry.
  • MACS Board and Industry Representation (00:11:12) The role of MACS board members in representing different sectors of the automotive industry and advocating for industry concerns.
  • Teaching and industry events (00:19:48) Tim's involvement in teaching A/C best practices and the importance of industry events.
  • Networking and industry support (00:23:57) Discussion about the renaissance of industry support, the value of networking, and the sophistication of the automotive industry.
  • Future of the industry and business (00:24:28) Insights into the future of the automotive industry, potential changes in refrigerants, and the future of Tim's auto service business.
  • The evolving automotive industry (00:27:11) Tim's positive outlook on the future of the automotive industry, the impact of technology, and the professional level of the aftermarket.
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