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Ep 120: How to train hard AND feel good with Doug Larson
Episode 12022nd May 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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A common theme we see amongst people who love to train, lift, and be active is the difficulty in finding that happy medium to avoid getting banged up or burnt out along the way. This is why I wanted to bring on Doug Larson from Barbell Shrugged to pick his brain on the act of balancing your training so that you CAN train the way you want to train and live the way you want to live WITHOUT feeling beaten down in the process.

We talk all things injuries, moderating your passions, knowing the difference between training and competing, and understanding longevity and healthy aging. Listen in to learn the things you should be doing so that you can train hard and feel good.

What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [04:57] Intro to Doug Larson
  • [09:58] The commonalities and lessons learned between the two worlds of martial arts and lifting 
  • [11:03] Understanding how injury and consistency correlate 
  • [12:10] Moderating your passions
  • [16:50] The big rocks for doing the things you love while also feeling good in the process
  • [19:08] Balancing learning, practicing and doing
  • [22:24] The distinction between training and competition
  • [25:22] The value of a coach
  • [28:43] How often you should have labs run on yourself
  • [33:44] Longevity and healthy aging
  • [40:24] The need for a comprehensive approach
  • [43:00] Where to find Doug Larson


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