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Arthur or Martha
Episode 5117th September 2022 • Six O'Clock Swill • Nick Cater
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Nick Cater is joined byTim Blair, Blogger to the entire glorious Empire of Charles upon which the sun never sets.

It has been a week of inconsolable grief for The Australian Republic Movement, whose members are stunned and shocked by the warmth to which the Australian people have welcomed Charles the Third, King of the United Kingdom, Australia and 13 other dominions, Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith.

It seems that the death of the queen has not delivered them the inheritance of a republic they thought was their due.

Simon Benson gives an insider’s perspective on plague management talking about his book Plagued: Australia’s Two years of Hell co-authored with Geoff Chambers.

And we cross to breaking news from Martha’s Vineyard where the Sanctuary Islanders have reacted with outrage to the arrival of the troubled and teeming masses yearning thoughtful delivered to their door step by Florida Governor Ron De Santis.

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