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Ethical Emotions with Benjy Sherer
Episode 7927th September 2021 • The Ethical Evolution Podcast • Ethical Change Agency
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There is a fine line between emotional awareness and spiritual awakening, and that is where Benjy Sherer thrives as a mentor and teacher. Guiding people to emotional mastery, Benjy bridges the gaps between psychology, spirituality and philosophy. Those 3 realms are all intrinsically connected in his  unique - and yet intuitively and compellingly simple - approach to self love and emotional mastery.

Growing up with a deep existential need for answers, his academic background in Philosophy and World Religions, left him pessimistic at the soul level about our ultimate role in this universe and the purpose of life. It wasn’t until after a dark night of the soul and a spiritual awakening of his own which led him to rediscover his true purpose and learn the skills, tools, and techniques that he teaches to clients today.

His overall approach is about “Feelings First”, referring to the notion that we can master our emotions directly, without the need for deep intellectual analysis, ultra-spiritual practices, or pharmaceutical medications. He teaches people how to connect directly with the emotions and sensations of their body - without fear, guilt or shame - and to allow these feelings to run through them so that they can be truly released.

Benjy and I could have talked all day as we had yet found another kindred soul connection who understood us at our core. I hope you get some gold out of this time we spent together. 

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