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Episode #4: Mastering Digital Operations: SOPs, Onboarding, and More
Episode 43rd June 2024 • The Queen of Automation • Meghan Donnelly
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Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction & Setting the Stage:

- Meghan Donnelly unveils the essence of digital operations and the mission of her agency, Digital Unicorns.

2. **Building a Lifestyle with Technology:**

- Emphasis on leveraging technology not just for business growth but to create a lifestyle.

- Focus on giving business owners time back to enjoy life and their loved ones.

3. **Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):**

- Definition and importance of SOPs for business efficiency.

- Introduction to Loom as a tool for creating SOP videos.

- Highlighting Loom's AI feature for automatic transcription and summarization.

- [Loom]( - Record your screen and create SOPs effortlessly.

4. **Internal and External Onboarding:**

- Importance of onboarding processes for both employees and customers.

- Use of GHL (Go High Level) for comprehensive onboarding and CRM needs.

- [GHL (Go High Level)]( - A complete CRM system for internal and external business operations.

5. **Efficient Bill Pay and Invoicing:**

- Crucial elements of seamless billing systems.

- Importance of automation in bill pay and invoicing to avoid manual errors and improve customer satisfaction.

6. **Hiring & Outsourcing:**

- The significance of having the right team and knowing when to outsource.

- Benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs) for tasks that can't be automated.

- Cost-effective ways to integrate VAs into your business.

7. **Tracking Time for Efficiency:**

- Introduction to RescueTime for monitoring and optimizing time usage.

- [RescueTime]( - A tool to track productivity and identify time wastage.


- Understanding digital operations to create a lifestyle, not just a business.

- Effective use of SOPs with tools like Loom.

- The importance of streamlined onboarding with systems like GHL.

- Automation in bill pay and invoicing to avoid manual errors.

- Hiring and outsourcing as key components of business operations.

- Leveraging RescueTime to audit and optimize your time use.

Connect with Meghan:

- LinkedIn: [Meghan Donnelly](

- Website: [The Queen of Automation](

- Email: Contact via the website


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