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#357: H & M - Driving Loyalty Both Globally & Locally for 150 Million Fashion Lovers
Episode 35723rd March 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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This episode features H&M - one of the world’s greatest fashion retailers.

With over 150 million members of its program world-wide, H&M has achieved some incredible results, balancing its global loyalty proposition with local market needs, to stay relevant in this incredibly competitive sector.

Our guest is Dominik Olejko, Regional Customer Insights & Engagement Manager for H&M in Eastern Europe.

Listen to enjoy Dominik's incredible career spanning 15 years in retail loyalty for brands including Decathlon, Ikea and now H&M, as well as his passion both for the traditional principles that drive loyalty as well as some incredibly inspiring and innovative projects that he has launched in this region.

Hosted by Paula Thomas.

Show Notes:

1) Dominik Olejko

2) H&M Group

3) H&M Membership

4) H&M App





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