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Publishing Podcast Show Notes On Content Hubs and Other Platforms
Episode 415th September 2021 • Podcasting Strategy • Juergen Berkessel
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In this episode of our content syndication series we will be focusing on publishing podcasts to content hubs. The podcasting space is rapidly growing, and it has become harder to build an audience. With podcasts becoming more common, more and more content hubs are adding audio support to their platforms. So publishing your podcast show notes and audio players on content hubs can connect you to new audiences.

But there is also the long-term value of search engine visibility through back-links. And content hubs are great for this too, since they carry high Domain Authority

Episode Contents

  • 00:00 - Introduction - Watch the video here:
  • 00:43 - Previous Episode Recap
  • 01:53 - Content Hubs Overview
  • 02:32 - Publishing on the Medium Content Hub
  • 03:58 - Publishing on Blogger
  • 05:16 - Content Syndication on the Ghost Platorm
  • 06:49 - Syndicating Show Notes Via RSS
  • 08:28 - Publishing Show Notes To Google My Business
  • 08:53 - Email Marketing WIth Show Notes Episode Notifications
  • 10:37 - RSS Emails On Active Campaign
  • 11:33 - Email Marketing Options With Ghost
  • 12:22 - Automating Email Notifications With MailChimp
  • 13:20 - Publishing to e-Commerce Hubs
  • 14:09 - Preview: What's Next

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