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R23: Inside the Mind of a Martyr for JESUS--2 Timothy 1:7-13
Episode 2311th July 2023 • The Wrestling Room • Russell De Vos
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Many believers HAVE given, ARE giving and WILL give their lives to remain loyal to King Jesus! Jesus warned that this would be the case, and it certainly has been, is, and will be in the future!

What is the mindset of someone who says, "Take my life! I will NOT deny Jesus!"?? What gives them the courage to do this?

Are you ready to give your life to remain loyal to our Great King, Jesus?

What is the Mindset of a Martyr for Jesus?


This channel is about Spiritual and Personal Growth...and REAL CHANGE! It's about wrestling with God. It's about TAKING ACTION and Surrendering COMPLETELY to King Jesus!



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