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Episode 14530th January 2023 • Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending • Kelly Mobeck
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You’ve figured out what you want for 2023, you are clear on vision, it is in alignment with your purpose, goals are set, and you are beginning to create your action steps and the “how” it will get done.  Congratulations, that is a huge accomplishment, let’s happy dance now!  

A question I often get asked is “which way do I go?” Feels a little like “Alice in Wonderland” at times.  Today we address the “shiny papers” that begin to appear and help you pick the one thing that is going to help you stay focused and move forward while keeping your sanity. 

Highlights from this episode:

(01:39) Stay out of Shiny Paper Syndrome

(05:55) The question is why?

(10:48) JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

(15:15) Is this new thing helping you live fully?

As mentioned in this episode:

Share your Curiosity Challenges, learnings, and any questions 


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Hey everyone. I'm Kelly Eck, a coach and a leadership trainer, and I'm super passionate about helping you find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it, and go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance, and I believe that real leaders don't wait.

They create, I know firsthand that life is gonna throw us curve. That we're gonna doubt our greatness, our ideas, and our contributions. And my goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason. And I get to be a coach and a champion for you each week so that you feel inspired, motivated, and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world.

So let's jump in. Hey there everyone, it's Coach Kelly. Welcome to episode 1 45 of, let's be Honest, before we start pretending, and this is the final revisit in. Well, I don't know if it's the final revisit in season four, if I'm being honest, before I start pretending. However, we are moving into brand new episodes that have been thoughtfully planned out just for you.

We have amazing guests that are gonna be coming on, and we have an amazing adventure that y'all get to follow me on, and I'm gonna tell you about. Next episode, I'm gonna share with you next episode, what's coming, what's happening, and I'm gonna share a lot of learning along the way that I trust is gonna create so much value.

And today we're going to finalize the month of January with shiny papers. Everywhere and we're gonna talk about how you can stay out of that shiny paper syndrome so that you can continue to move forward with clear vision that's in alignment with your purpose so that you can slay those goals. Okay, so many, it's like this is the month two, where it's like, which way do you go, Alice?

Like there's just so much available and out there. And what I always say is find the thing that's going to support. In moving forward. I always say that and I always encourage that, and at the end of the day, it's gonna be you. It's gonna be your mindset. You've got this, let's go. Okay. So we wanna stay out of that shiny paper syndrome and we wanna really get the support that's going to help us move forward.

Speaking of. We have started the Lifter Group program for women group coaching program for women based on the lift method. And if some of you have been listening and like, oh man, I wish I would've reached out. I wish I would've checked in if I, oh man. You know what? Let me know. Hit me up. Let's talk, and it is not too late.

You can jump in, but it's about to be too late. So if you want to jump in with an amazing group of women and take on yourself in the next level from who you be. And inspired action and focused energy and transforming everything that you thought was impossible into possible. Let's go. Come join us. It's an amazing group, and we'd love to have you there.

All right, for now. Enjoy shiny papers everywhere and the strategies to help help you stay out of them. And next week, we are back with amazing episodes, watch for amazing guests, and an , an amazing adventure coming. So I cannot wait to tell you all about it. You're gonna hear about it next week. In the meantime, enjoy our final replay for January.

Let's go season four. I'll talk with you all soon. Hey everyone, it's Coach Kelly. And before we dive into this, I just wanted to come in with a couple things real quick. So it's just gonna sound a little funny cuz you're gonna hear me say, hi everyone. Welcome to our episode. But that's okay. I like to welcome you in as many times as I possibly can.


Let's do it together. It's gonna be so fun. We're starting 2, 2 22. You are not too late. In and more fun you guys. Last year the podcast was voted in the top 10, number six to be exact, in the listener's choice category for the podcast for business awards, and that literally was, thanks to all of you who voted, thank you again, great news.

We're in the running again, and so I would be so grateful for your vote. All you have to do is go to the. Click the link. Add your name, add your email, and add your favorite podcast of choice. Let's be honest, before we start pretending for the win, please make sure you use all capital letters in. Let's be honest, before we start pretending or it won't register.

I wanna thank you guys so much for all your support all of the time, and I'll keep you posted and let you know where we land. Okay? That's it for now. On to the. Hey there everyone. Hello. Welcome to, let's be Honest, before we start pretending. This is Coach Kelly and I am so excited to be with you guys today.

ategic about how we're taking:

And then we focused on. How, but not necessarily starting with how, remember how is not an unimportant question. It's important. After you've gotten really clear about why and what, and really, really grounded in that, then we get to move on to how we get to do the things that we want to do. That's exciting.

Remember how? The vehicle in which you go from point A to B to C to Z, it's the mechanics. Okay? So just remember that. One of the things that I wanna talk with you guys about today, you guys, this is episode 93 93. That means that we have seven more episodes and we are hitting our 100th episode. I there is gonna be a celebration, so stay tuned for that.

We are gonna do something. . I don't know what it is yet, but it's gonna be fun and it's gonna be exciting. So stay tuned for that. But I wanna say thank you straight away for staying in and, and, and celebrating all of these things along the way because we're having fun. And I trust that there is impact that's being created in your life.

And that's why I do this podcast. I really do. That's why I do it. Today what we're gonna talk about is some of the questions that I get get asked as an entrepreneur. It it really honestly how it, it gets asked all the time and not just entrepreneurs. It, it's for people that really want to create.

Whatever change they want in their life. And so I found this quote, and so it's bridging into what we're gonna talk about today. And this quote goes like this. The secret to change is to focus all your energy. Not on fighting the old, but on building the new Socrates. I mean, it goes way back. We're going way back.

I'm gonna just say that again. The secret to change is to focus all your energy. Not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This is what we get to do, and it's not necessarily about, I've got to create all these things. It's really about leaning into who you are becoming, and not fighting the old, but surrendering and leaning into the new.

moving now into February into:

All these different things, all these different ways to get all the things done right? There's advertisements everywhere. There's shiny paper here, shiny paper there. There's a new this, a new that. And sometimes we wanna get involved in everything, right? We wanna get involved in everything. And this my friends, is the question that I get asked a lot.

What if I don't step in? I could be missing out. I could be missing out on the opportunity that's going to make the differe. What if I don't step in? And this question's usually coming from people who step into a lot of things. They're really, really busy. I, I remember you guys might remember I shared with you that my, when I broke my elbow and um, we went.

we, we went and did the activities we were doing before I actually went to urgent care and my husband kept teasing me that it's because I have fomo, fear of missing out, and honestly, I really don't have fomo. I have something called jomo, and we may have talked about this before on some of the up. Other episodes, I really wish I would've coined Jomo.

I think it's brilliant. It is the joy of missing out, and I'll tell you why. It's not that we're missing out. It just means that it's not for us, right? It's okay to have some time. To pause and to really go inside and get really, really clear on what speaks to our passion. It's okay to do that, but I think sometimes when we're stepping out and we're so gung-ho on creating whatever's next for us, then we're looking, it's so easy.

This is why I talked about how in the beginning, it's so easy to get caught up in. Now how am I gonna do it? And then shine a paper. , all the advertisements, all the things start showing up and all these opportunities maybe to collaborate and step into something new and take on all these different opportunities or positions or, I mean, I could go on and on.

Are you get in the feel, is it feeling a little, because I know it's feeling a little that way to me, and here's the. There's something called the power of, no. There's something called the Power of 48 Hour Rule. What's great about this is when you're saying no to something, you're saying yes to you. I know you guys have heard this.

This is not new information. It's something you wanna pay attention to. As we're moving into February, you've been strategic all month, you've seen what you need to take off your plate. So that you don't have to go grab a like banquet size platter and become even more busy, but really pulling out some Jomo man, some Jomo.

How great is that, the joy of missing out? Because it's not that you're missing out, it means that you're saying yes. To what feeds your soul. So I just, I just can't say that enough. And getting really clear on your vision and what is aligning with what you are up to. So when these opportunities come in, I really recommend that you sit down and give yourself at least 48 hours before you give an answer, because you wanna make.

alignment with my purpose of:

Yes. That's the answer. If I just do that, it's gonna make it all better. So here's the. Pay attention to how much that resides in your old way of being Right in the old you. Okay. Does that live within you? Like, oh yeah. I gotta, I gotta say yes to all the things. For some people it doesn't. And and I, I say yes to that, but for so many of us it does.

I do get asked that question, what do you hear from other entrepreneurs? What do you hear from them about taking on this next and you fill in the blank? And again, as their coach, I can't answer that question. I've gotta find a way to turn it back and ask them a question that's gonna pull out their answer as an entre.

I can say to you very clearly that you can take on all of these things, but is it moving you forward? Is it really? Do you really need to learn one more thing? Do you really need another class? Do you really, and sometimes you do. Sometimes the answer to that is yes, but pay attention and be thoughtful and purposeful about where you're investing your time, where you're investing your money, where you're investing your energies, because you want that to be focused in the direction in which you're.

Okay. You want that to focus in the direction in which you're going, and I think that we're beginning to learn that it is okay to slow down and be thoughtful and purposeful. Right? We talked about it last week. I just keep talking about it because it has become so important. Sometimes when we take on something new, another shiny piece of paper, another, you know, project, another collaboration.

Again, I'm not poo-pooing it. Collaborations are great, projects are great, they're all great, but you wanna ask yourself, is this serving why, what I'm up to? Or is it a distraction from me living fully? My best version living fully, the impact that I wanna create out there in the world, living fully, my purpose and my vision, it's a very important question, and this is the time that that tends to come up a lot.

I just see it a lot because what happens, and we've talked about this before, is we're starting to lose some steam. We're starting to lose some steam. in what we're up to creating. And so now we're like dog paddling a little bit and we're getting a little desperate. And so if I just take another class or you know, go focus over there, maybe just, maybe I will become the thing or the her or the he that I say I wanna.

Okay, listen, you already are. You already are. What you get to do is you get to find the one thing. The one thing. Maybe it's a coach, maybe it's an accountability partner. Maybe it is a course. The one thing that is going to help you move forward in your life. Pick one. You don't need 500. Okay, you don't need 500 and it's okay.

I'm not saying just pick one and that's it. You don't get anything else forever and ever, but the one that is gonna move, what is important to you forward? I have a couple different coaches and they're for very different reasons. They're for very different things. I have a health coach and I also have a business coach.

Okay. So for very different reasons. I have an accountability partner that supports me for many different reasons. So it's not like I don't have different accesses that support me, but it's for very clear purposes and I don't really mix 'em up. I don't really mix 'em up. And the other thing, that's been one of the biggest things.

And lessons that I've learned is I used to be someone who would say yes to it all. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I think we've talked about this before because if I'm saying yes, then look how, look at, I'm so busy, . I'm so busy, which then becomes a distraction or puts up a wall between me and the things that I really wanna be and do.

And. In my life. All right, we're gonna talk a lot more about this as we move into February. I just wanted to get the message out right here and right now before shiny paper syndrome kicks in because it, I have learned through the years, this is when it really starts to happen, and you know, in your gut.

You know, in your heart really and truly where you're moving toward, and you probably know who you wanna work with, you probably know what resources are. And sometimes you're stuck and you probably know that there's people that can help you get access to that. So trust yourself. Trust yourself. And that's the biggest thing that I would say to people when they are taking on building what they wanna build in the year ahead, especially after being so thoughtful and purposeful.

So taking it back, the secret to change is to focus all your energy. Not on fighting the old, but on building the. Socrates. So ask yourself, what's the new I'm building? What are my resources? What are the resources that I really, truly require, that I know I'm gonna go all in and move the needle forward, and then take action on that and make it happen?

You've got this. I believe in you. You guys. Thank you so much for listening today. Remember, you have a choice to lead your life or follow your circumstances. Life is literally about knowing our passions, our purpose, our values, and creating an impact in our life and the lives of others, and who emerges from taking the lead in their lives are authentic, vulnerable, courageous, and super.

Clear, thoughtful, and purposeful on the one thing they're going all in on, and they're making it happen. It's not always gonna look the way we think it's supposed to, and we get a trust that more is always revealed. So as we move forward, remember, take a pause, let go of worry. Let go of doubt. Live fully the best version of yourselves.

Thank you for listening to episode 93. We are getting close to a hundred. I'm excited. Thank you for listening, and if you guys have any questions, they're coming in and I'm answering those questions on episodes. Really, truly. Reach out kelly j, send them in. We're gonna take them on together. Okay?

Have a great week ahead and it's gonna be a brand new month tomorrow. So remember, if it's not shaping up the way you want it to take the lead and create a fantastic one. I'll talk with you soon. Take care. Thanks for listening to another episode of, let's Be Honest, before we start pretending for more resources on taking the lead in your life, head over to kelly j and connect with me on Instagram at Coach Kelly Mob Beck, if this episode was helpful for you.

Please feel free to share it with friends. Rate and review it on iTunes. That's Apple Podcast now, and at any time feel free to connect with me and let me know what you want to hear next or what you're working on. I'm happy to help. Thanks again for listening, and here's to you taking the lead in your life.