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The 3 Elements of Motivation
Episode 578th April 2024 • Business is Good with Chris Cooper • Chris Cooper
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Motivation is not about fear or money. True motivation comes from those 3.

Autonomy, mastery and purpose - dan pink


the 4 Ts: their task, their time, their technique and their team

Freedom and responsibility within a framework


You don’t get motivated and then start winning. You start winning and then get motivated.

Counting tiny wins - gap and the gain

Habit stacking becomes win-stacking. At first, the work is the win.


A Noble Purpose: The Foundation for Happiness


Many people will say they “had a bad day at work” but also “love their job.”

If your vocation serves a noble purpose, some short-term setbacks or stress won’t derail your happiness for long.

For example, when I’m working with gym owners who are going through a hard time, I tend to carry a lot of their burdens personally. I lose sleep when they’re going through a rate increase. I comb their social media nonstop when they fire a coach. I wouldn’t describe these days as “happy” ones, because I care a lot about my clients.

But I also benefit from having a strong sense of purpose: I know, from vast experience, that they’re doing the right thing in the long term. And if I can get them through hard action, they’ll eventually become far happier. Their families will benefit. Their staffs will benefit. And their clients will benefit most of all. That’s why being a mentor makes me happy.

How do you know if your job or vocation fulfills a noble purpose? When you’d do it for free. I would do this job for free—hell, I have. You probably would do your job for free, too.

When owning a gym was my only job, I daydreamed many times: “If someone would just come along and pay me a salary, they could have the gym and I’d be happy.” I just wanted enough to survive and keep going. The job made me happy. Unfortunately, the necessities of ownership soon began to outweigh the happiness I received from coaching. Until I fixed the business, coaching made me unhappy.

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