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S3 Ep1 The Psychological Profile of an Operator with Dr. Art Finch
Episode 124th October 2022 • Teamcast • Mission Critical Team Institute
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In this episode, Dr. Preston Cline and Dr. Art Finch talk about the types of people who choose the hard path. Where do they excel, where do they struggle, and why don’t they quite fit in with “normal” People. We focus on different learning and motivation profiles as well as the transitions between the routine and critical worlds.


COL(R) Art Finch, Ph.D., spent over 23 years providing psychological insight to the leading Special Operations and Tactical Law Enforcement organizations in the world. He is a graduate of U.S. Army Airborne, SERE, and Ranger Schools with more than 20 combat deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq. He retired at the rank of colonel. created personality profiles for more than 10,000 candidates in support of assessment and selection events. Art continues to be licensed to practice psychology in North Carolina and in addition to serving as the Director of the newly formed Mission Critical Psychology Division at MCTI, he also serves as a Research Scientist with IHMC and The Gauge Group, a psychological consulting and executive coaching firm and is the founder and president of The Gauge Group has led leadership consultation and executive coaching for Fortune 100 tech companies; led assessment and selection support for Major League Baseball and National League Football; conducted high-stakes, high-performance psychological support for elite athletes; and assessment and selection psychological support for FBI, HRT and New York State Police SWAT team.