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Beethoven walks into a bar... - Kansas City Symphony EPISODE 9, 15th May 2020
Five Minutes to Fame: Auditions
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Five Minutes to Fame: Auditions

Auditions are how we musicians get jobs. Ever competed for a job and had five minutes to make your case without ever sharing anything about yourself? Not even your name? We’ll break down the whole process for you, and then we’ll be joined by Justin White, personnel manager of the Kansas City Symphony. He’ll tell you all about why he thinks auditions are fun. Can’t wait to hear that. This week on Beethoven Walks into a Bar…

Spotify Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7CgBCRxfWi9Xf9ikcr7DQY?si=3MrsefMqSCe6HkeEoi47vg

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