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Ep55 - Being Heard When Everyone Else Is Speaking
Episode 5514th April 2020 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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How do you get heard when everyone else is talking at the same time?

We are experiencing a new normal today - where we have to stay home to keep safe and as a result, everyone wants to keep in touch or share something virtually. But can too much of a good thing be bad enough?

In today's episode, I want to share with you a few things you can do to still be able to share your message when everyone else is speaking.

  • [04:23] Robert shares his family's new normal at home.
  • [05:05] How has interaction differed at this time? How have you been managing at this time?
  • [06:28] FB Lives and Zoom sessions: is this innovation or are we suffering with "Zoom-itis"?
  • [07:23] If everyone is doing Lives and Zoom meetings, who is listening and watching when everyone is talking?
  • [08:01] Tip #1: Be intentional. What is your purpose in speaking?
  • [09:52] Tip #2: Watch how you look. What will you do to make your message stand out?
  • [11:47] Tip #3: Be a little different. Incorporate your brand in your message but add in the element of surprise.
  • [13:20] Tip #4: Use props. Appeal to your audience visually to get their attention; have great content to keep them there.
  • [14:37] Tip #5: You've got to BELIEVE in your STORY. Somebody needs to learn from your story and you have to share it!

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