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Bonus Episode - Judging, losing, civilized behavior and talking to kids about toxic events
Bonus Episode12th January 2021 • Mastermind Parenting Podcast • Randi Rubenstein
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Oh how we love to judge.

I think it’s the secret most common addiction.

Judging is the thing that can provide immediate relief to deep rooted self loathing.

We’re always scanning the environment for someone who’s f%@king up just a little more than we feel we are deep down.’s toxic.

Toxic to your health and well being and sense of self.

And since all change begins with awareness, simply notice when you judge others (we all do it by the way).

If you need guidance on how to have tough conversations with your kiddo, get the support you need here:

And ask yourself this question when you notice: What am I truly judging myself about?

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