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What masks do you wear?
Episode 39th December 2020 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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What masks do you wear to protect yourself from rejection?

Let's just be very honest and acknowledge that every human being has experienced that deep fear of "not enough" or "I am unlovable". After doing our own journaling about the masks we wear and the different techniques we employ to protect ourselves and our egos, we sit down to share this very vulnerable message with each other. Some of the masks we discuss are "You can't hurt me!" "You can't phase me!" and "I can do it all!".

Have you eve felt the sting of rejection? Have you ever taken the time to really think through your personal behaviors that help you from feeling that sting of rejection again? In this episode we talk about projection, self protection, ego, and victimhood. No need to feel ashamed, as human beings we are all trying to protect ourselves from feeling loneliness and pain. Do you have the courage to ask yourself what masks you are wearing?