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Brian from Two Weeks One Shot
Episode 1222nd June 2021 • How Not to Dungeon Master • T4C Studios
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Brian has played more TTRPGs over the past 15 years than most people do in a lifetime. His experience running lots of different games makes him a perfect fit for the show Two Weeks One Shot, and for How Not to DM!

You can find Brian on Twitter, or streaming on Twitch on Mondays at 9 pm Eastern. You can listen to him and some other awesome cast members play through a new TTRPG session every few episodes on Two Weeks One Shot, where they've played through D&D, Savage Worlds Deadlands, and Call of Cthulhu so far, with plans on more! He's also a co-DM and player in tandem games on Dirty Deeds & Thunder Thieves. Busy guy!

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