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Ep. 37 - Top LA Trainer Danielle Pascente on Building Your Business (and Your Booty)
Episode 3728th February 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Got beyond the realms of realness this week with LA Fitness superstar DANIELLE PASCENTE. She's honest, funny, extremely open about her personal and professional journey, and down to talk about anything. Basically, this episode is MONEY.

Not only did she swim, do gymnastics, and run track and field growing up, Danielle went to college on a scholarship for Division I Cheerleading. #SUPERHUMAN. Coming up on her ninth year in the City of Angels, she's become an unstoppable fitness guru who's not afraid to do her own thing. That being said, let's get into her journey and what went down this week ...

-how she started her professional fitness journey, including gaining the freshman 20 in college, drinking all the alcohol, being in a toxic relationship that spills over into other relationships

-what she would say to EARLY 20'S DANIELLE

-learning from and listening to your instincts in long distance relationships

-why you should UNFOLLOW social media accounts WHO INSPIRE YOU if you want to stay focused on yourself and not get in your head

-sacrificing Instagram followers for HONESTY

-how to make a healthy lifestyle with Danielle's KICK ASS TRAINING GUIDE - EVERYWHERE!

-a few of her FOOD RITUALS that keep her energized and feeling good


Let's just say, Danielle isn't a regular trainer, she's a cool trainer. So listen to the episode and get to know her!