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126. Does a Wildly Successful Business Equal Sacrifice for Your Family? Let's debate
Episode 12619th September 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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What would really happen if you got to that next level of success?

About 11 years ago, when I was first becoming an entrepreneur, I remember hearing some people say that they were afraid of success. And I really couldn't resonate with what they were saying. How could you be afraid of success? Success is such a good thing. And I don't think I fully understood what they meant until last year. 

Since mentoring many of my peers and high level entrepreneurs, and coming into new opportunities myself, I got a little taste of this hunger for success, but fear of what it would do. What would it do to my time, my most precious resource? What would it do to my family? What would it do to our company as a whole? Would we get so big that it would be tough to manage? I started anticipating what my next level of success could potentially bring and worrying if I can grow something bigger and better without uprooting my values. 

So, today we’re digging into the fear of success and how you can build your business without stripping you of your time and your quality of life.


[2:34] The Fear of Success 

[10:57] What Is Your Block? 

[13:09]  Bring Your Team Along 

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